Merry Christmas -- Praise be to God in the highest and peace on earth, (etc.)

In Psalms 71:18 we read these words, "Do not desert me Lord when I am grown old." This is a prayer that many here have silently prayed and have needed to pray, "Lord, let there be light in the evening."

Yes, Lord Jesus, I will stay devoted to You and so I leave myself in Your hands for now and all eternity. I await the call from Your world, for he who believes in You while still living is prepared for death.

Stay near me while I'm on this earth until my day draws to an end. And just as evening falls and my eyes grow dark and dim, release my spirit so that I may pass easily to the other side as if homeward bound.

     As oft I sat awake in bed
     in the sweet night, untouched by sleep
     I was brought for judgement
     before my Shepard with all my worldly belongings[??]
     And my heart beat ever wilder
     With the painful feeling of abandonment
     O, if I could only take to the Lord
     what moves me so, all my sorrows.
     My eyes burn with yearning
     and look toward the dark sky,
     To see whether or not the stars might have already come out 
     So that a ray/star of hope might glow for me.
     When someday my life on earth comes to an end,
     Let this be my last prayer:
     "Lord, let there be light in the evening,
     So that my path will lead me to Your Heaven."

Thank the Lord we are all still healthy, but the preacher says ... [illegible - possibly something about a leg injury]. Our son Alexander is also home from the Army and it is pretty cold right now. And so warmest Christmas greetings to you, "And if Christ had been born a thousand times at Christmas time, but not for me, we would have all been lost." But now that we have our faith we no longer need to serve the task master, for we are all God's children through our belief in Jesus Christ "because I have been saved through your sacrifice, Lamb of God."

Lord, let us also be able to sing the sweet swan song as Simon once did. My eyes will now close peacefully for I have already caught sight of the Promised Land here on earth. A Christmas greeting to you dear brother Jacob. It is Christmastime again when the angels sang, "Praise be to God in the highest and peace on earth, goodwill toward men." With the world in such turmoil as it is right now, happy is the man who knows peace. As the Savior said, "I give you peace. May peace be with you. Give your hearts to me and not the world. Do not fear." The Savior said, "Come to me the poor and down-trodden. I will lift you up."

Dear brother, we are all still healthy, thank the Lord, and hope that you and yours all are too and send our best wishes and warmest regards to you along with this Christmas greeting. We would like very much to hear from you again to know how you are and how things are going.

And so let us pray, Lord, prepare us for death, judgement and eternity and then Lord, let us too sing the beautiful swan song as Simon once did. My eyes will close peacefully since I have caught sight of the Promised Land here on earth.

With warmest regards, we remain your brother and sister-in-law,

David and Elisabeth Reichel