Mr. John Knippel
1127 E. 58 St.

Written by me, your brother, Johannes Knippel, to you dear brother and sister Reigel and your darling children, in the name of our Lord. It would make me very happy to know that my little note arrived to find you all in as good a health as I am enjoying upon writing this. In addition, I would also hope that the peace of God be with you and that the Holy Spirit will help guide you to the truth. The spirit of falsehood will not guide us to the truth. The Lord says, "Seek in the Scriptures if you think to find eternal life, for only the Scriptures bear witness to me. Many will come in My Name and say, "But have we not acted in Thy Name? Have we not driven out devils?" The answer is, "I do not know you." And so it is best to build on the works of the apostles and prophets. Whosoever builds on this ground, with Jesus Christ as their cornerstone, shall not want.

Now, sister and brother-in-law, I am sorry that I had to leave to unexpectedly. I was given the opportunity to leave and so I thought I'd better take it. But if I'd known then what I know now, I'd have taken my time leaving. I found out later, I could have had the same opportunity to leave any week and so I could have helped you, sister, two weeks longer. But what's done is done. Please forgive me.

If you had the chance to do things over again in life, you'd do a lot of things differently. But it's too late now, too late. Dear brother and sister Reigel, it pains me to think how many people take things so lightly, and [illegible] do not believe enough in the voice of the Spirit. Dear friends in Christ the Lord, heed the times in which we live. The Lord has been making His selection of the 144,000 (that will go to Heaven) since 1930, and when He is finished, Ezekial (Chapter 9:1) will come. "He will come when no one will expect His coming." The coming of Jesus to lead His people home has been foretold and [illegible]. The coming of Jesus in Matthew 26:36 is not the coming to lead His people home. Refer instead to Malachai 3:1, "And the Lord will come soon to His temple." Then read the second line (verse) and further on. These lines tell exactly how/to where the Lord will come. It says clearly in the third verse, "He will sit and smelt them" (as silver or gold), etc. "Then they will offer up just sacrifices to Him." (Verse 4:5) Read that. And so I say to you in particular, dear brother-in-law[?], you know the truth, and that the angel will pass over you and me with his mark. This is no time to [rise up or make great plans?]. Let yourself be guided, dear brother-in-law[?] by the Spirit of God which will help you to the truth. I especially advise your children to read the Bible as I would also like to see them in God's circle. May the Lord give you the desire and strength to accomplish this, so that you may rise to a higher level and realize the truth. And to the others, especially Esther and Maria Knippel, I wish the peace of God in your hearts and hope that you can get away now and then. And my love to Frieda, Maria, Henry, Ruth, Elvin, and Etna [Albert and Edna?].

While we cannot enjoy the happiness we knew when we were still all together, we don't want to forget one another so that our love for each other grows cold. Let us remain friends in spirit and body, now and forever.

How is the weather where you are? We're having beautiful weather right now.

And now I will close. Again, all my love to you, dear sister and brother-in-law. Farewell until we meet again. Write soon. Write in English. Frieda, you can write. Best regards to John Ross, too, and anyone else who might ask about me.

[It is not clear who John Knippel was, although he may have been related to Henry Knipple, first husband of Rachel Reigel. Esther and Maria Knippel are probably also related. It is also unclear who John Ross was, mentioned in the last paragraph.]