Written on March 18, 1932

Written by me, your brother-in-law and sister and children and friends. Thank the Lord we are still all very healthy and we hope with all our hearts that you are also all in good health. We would also like to let you know that we have already gotten two letters from brother David from Russia. One was from sister Mariliß and one from sister Efliß. They are writing to ask for help. They write that their need is so great that it is not to be endured and that if you want to send them something, to send it to brother David. If you are sending something, write him and tell him to whom. We also received a letter from Mariliß asking for help. Brother David wrote and told me he had already sent something twice and wanted to send something again. Brother Peter has also already sent something but wasn't going to this time and so brother David immediately wrote to ask if you and I couldn't help out some.

And so we send our best to you, dear brother-in-law, brother and sister-in-law and children. Kisses to you all from all of us. So write us back brother Jacob. We hope that from now on, when there are letters ... [the rest is illegible]

[This letter is unsigned. It may have been written by Katherine (Reichel) Busch who lived in the Wyoming area.]