Reichel, Andreas; written on April 15

May the Lord have mercy on you and may the peace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and forever. Amen. Written by me, your brother-in-law, Andreas and Mariliß and children. We want you to know that, thanks be to our dear God, we are all still in good health and hope with all our hearts that you are too. Amen.

We want you to know that we were elated to receive your letter and that we were most happy to get the five dollars you sent. You wrote that you wish I were with you. I wish I were still with you too, but as things are I am here and here I'm a cowherder and feed the cows in winter. I'd never have imagined that things would be like this in my old age. I read in one of your letters that you have so much livestock. Well, I have my little [barnyard? farm?] and my cows and my [bed?] is a straw sack and I have a [pillow?] and [covers?] and my children.

David is still gone and Eva and Mariliß are working as chambermaids. And Andreas is in charge of two horses and drives them and Alexander is in charge of two oxen and feeding. Katarina has married and Jacob goes to school. He is fourteen years old.

Now let me tell you how our winter was. We cooked twice a day, beet soup and beets. That was our food. We had a cellar full of beets and so we ate them. Dear brother-in-law David, we want you to know that we did not receive the $250.00 you sent us last year and sister Efliß didn't get her money either. Brother [name illegible] did.

I will close for now, my sister. My best to all of you. Amen.

Mariliß and Andreas Reichel

Dear brother-in-law David, please send brother Jacob this little letter. I'm certain you'll know where he is. I don't have an address for him.

Farewell until we meet again.

[The names mentioned in the third paragraph are Andreas and Mariliß's children.]