Written on April 15, 1934

Written by your brother Andreas Reichel and Mariliß and children. We send to you a greeting in love. Amen.

Dear brother Jacob, since we never hear anything from you or brother Peter, please be so kind as to send me your addresses so that I can write to you now and then. Like Job I have to say, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away," since brother Joriech and Marikatrin and their boys are all dead. So you can imagine how things are here. Peter is still here. He is working as a smith in the factory. Brother Jacob, we don't want to write a lot until we hear from you and so will close my letter for now with best regards to all. Amen. I hope you will reply soon. Farewell until we happily meet again. Amen. Good-bye. Good-bye.

Andreas and Mariliß Reichel

[Not sure who Joriech and Marikatrin are. Peter is likely a reference to their son.]