Here We Are Again

(by Larry Parrish - Friedaís Son-in-law)

The time has come to meet again
Itís called y-cubed 2k
We made a banner to proclaim
That it should be this way.

Here we are from near and far
To check each other out
Some smile wide, and giggle too,
While other sit and pout.

Some come every single time
As faithful as can be
While others wouldnít come unless
The Queen was serving tea.

We come together every other
Year when it gets hot
To see who still fits in their pants
And notice who does not

A German picnic we will have
I know it wonít be tame
I think it proper we should pick
"Krauts" and Wieners for the name.

We always have a lot to eat
And often eat too much
I donít think we could see our toes
Much less reach down and touch.

We started wearing name tags
So we wouldnít get embarrassed
Trying to remember who that is
Thatís outside on the terrace.

The "real" Riegels sure are sports,
All in-laws they embrace
(at least thatís what they tell you
while youíre standing face to face).

The Riegel name is such a mess
Iíve always wondered why
No one knows if itís I before E
or E before the I.

The men are in the parking lot
Checking cars and rigs
One or two are even puffing
On a pack of cigs.

Guys are growing sparse on top
But they arenít losing hair
Itís sliding south and coming out
Of almost everywhere

The gals are sharing stories
Of their latest aches and pains
And telling of their children
Their losses and their gains.

They love the little Grandkids
The big ones and the small
And always bring their bragging book
So you can see them all.

Here comes a car from Oklahoma
That will be Big Al
And by his side is Essie Mae
He snagged him quite a gal!

I hear Frieda laughing now
Isnít she a hoot?
I know itís her because she said
Ohhhhh! Isnít that cute?!

Ruth is here again this year
Sheís very nice, not bossy
Her daughter Karla lived down south
So long sheís now an Aussie.

Maryís here with Al in tow
Sheís sweet as if a saint
All of us who know her well
Know she can really paint!

Esther came from California
Three gorgeous girls had she
Now she lives in a resort
As large as large can be.

The Walker girls--ya gotta love Ďem
They really are quite cute.
Some have wisdom like the owl,
Others, just the hoot.

The teasing can get out of hand
Uh oh, what was that?!
The breeze I feel upon my head
Is Mighty Casey with a bat!!

Larry Pís the nice one,
So suave and debonair
Heís just beginning to display
Some "highlights" in his hair.

Shelleyís got the camera out,
Itís time to take the pics
Sheís got her work cut out this time
Ďcause we all look like hicks.

Some wear shorts, some wear hats
With brims all torn and flappy
But when weíre done with photo fun
Kodak will be happy.

So many groupings to be shot
Is anybody missing?
Some poor soul is always late
From the primping and the prissing.

Each reunion when itís time
To pick a destination
To meet and do this all again,
We scour the whole nation.

Whoís the sucker this time?
Weíre scraping in the dregs.
Sherri thinks it time to pick
A Brian and a Greg.

On Sunday morning, Hal will preach
On this we all can count
This time, high in Colorado,
Itís the sermon on the Mount.

Weíll thank the Lord for this great clan
And for those no longer here
Weíre richer for their memory
But canít help shedding tears.

We have the Lordís assurance
That some day we shall be
Reunited with our loved ones
And their faces we shall see.

If this little poem
has trampled on some toes
I didnít mean to offend
Or cause you any woes.

If I took a little shot
At you and hit the mark
Itís just because the insult
Had the perfect place to park!

If your name was not listed here
Please do not be upset
It would not have been in good light
On that you sure can bet.

Tomorrow youíll forgive me
On this fact I depend
I promise to be nicer now
So feelings I can mend.

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