Family Scrapbook

The Early Years

This album primarily contains photos of Jacob and Sophie Reigel's children. Although we would like to add many more photos, we currently have only posted pictures of the Reigel children their spouses or other pictures from earlier years.

Past Reunions

This is a collection of pictures from our most recent reunions (2002, 2000, 1998). Eventually, we will include some of the pictures from past reunions.

Voices from the Past

Within this link is a map of Dietel, Russia from approximately 1923. This map was part of an article in the October 19, 1991, issue of Wyoming Livestock Roundup. (The article from which the map came was written by a great-granddaughter of Katherine Reichel Busch, sister of Jacob Reigel.)

Also within this link is a collection of letters from Dietel, Russia, written by family members during the early part of the 20th century. In 1992, Annette Parrish had these letters translated from German to English and made copies available. Now, the translation of these letters can be viewed online. Annette explained that "The letters were written during the 1928 to 1952 timeframe. The letters were first rewritten [by the translator] in new script [for legibility] and then translated into English ..."

Although the "letters book" produced by Annette had both copies of the original letters and the English translation, the original letters did not scan well for online viewing. Therefore, we have included one "good" sample of an original letter to show the script that was used but have retyped the English translation of each letter so they can be viewed online.