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Home Page Introduction and description about the site.
Family History
    Jacob Reichel's Origins
    Sophie Ruff's Origins
    The Story of Andreas Reichel's Family
Family background of Jacob and Sophie.
Family Tree
    Jacob Reigel, Sr.'s Ancestry
    Sophie Ruff's Ancestry
    Jacob Reigel, Sr. Family Tree
        Jacob Reigel, Jr.
        David Reigel
        Rachel (Reigel) Hartwick
        Herman Reigel
        Alexander Riegel
        Esther (Riegel) Reichert
        Frieda (Riegel) Wyman
        Mary (Riegel) Walker
        Henry Riegel
        Ruth (Riegel) Wolfe
        Edna (Riegel) Gomer
Family trees and details.
    The Early Years
    Past Reunions
    Voices From The Past
Pictures and letters from the past.
Reunion information
Information regarding our next reunion.

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